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My name is Kevin Scharnhorst. I am an health information technology (HIT) professional with more than 20 years of demonstrated experience in varied disciples including software architecture, software development, analysis, design and systems support. I am always interested and open for new opportunities that will challenge and help me grow in my professional career and welcome your contact.

My interest in technology developed at a very early age and a natural curiosity developed to understand how computers worked and could be applied to create, process and exchange information. My parents have said it was a gift I was born with somehow and that I was naturally inclined in figuring technical things out.  Throughout my childhood education I continued to expose myself to technology through computer games, computer programming and fixing computer hardware to satisfy my appetite for learning.  A passion was seeded and nourished to later grow and blossom. Later in my formal academic pursuits, my passion would sprout.  After obtaining an associate’s degree in political science, my wife pointed out to me again what my parents often said. She too recognized my innate abilities toward technical things. Her Father was a programmer and recommended I pursue the same.  I abandoned my initial focus in a law and finished my undergraduate studies in Computer Information Systems (CIS).  While going to school full time, I also worked full time and began my journey in the professional world developing software solutions. I started with a large fortune 500 company in the semi-conductor industry developing software solutions on ERP platforms where I gained nearly 10 years of experience. It was there that I developed a deep and intimate knowledge of software engineering and architect principles in doing enterprise application development.

Economic conditions made market conditions tough and propelled me to look within the region for stability and other opportunities. It was then that I considered healthcare and seized an opportunity to work for a large private healthcare payer. A new passion began to develop and an insatiable appetite to learn all I could about a specialized form of or Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) was born.  This led me to pursue advance degree programs to help me build domain knowledge and jump start my career in a new industry.

It was then that I discovered the renowned Masters in Science program at Northwestern University in Medical Informatics. I enrolled and was accepted and over the course of 2 years was able to work with other working professionals like myself that share the same passion as I do and achieved my degree.  The discipline is focused on utilizing information and technologies to improve patient outcomes. The degree has a clinical focus and empowers Medical Professionals to make better informed decisions for their patients care through better coordinated care.  Its principles are founded on science and evidence based medicine. It embraces impactful principles that can deliver the type of change that America so desperately needs.  I plan to make an impact by applying my knowledge through the sharing of it with the information I publish through this website. It is my intent and purpose for the website to serve as a utility to share information about Medical Informatics and inspire others to learn. I invite you to leverage the site for its intended purpose and network with other professionals that share the same passion as I do and empower synergies to form so that other passionate medical technology professionals can learn more about the discipline and spread the passion.

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